Excerpt: Taking The Toll by Kiki DeLovely, Page 3

continued from page 2

“Yes, Father.” I say meekly.

“Okay. Good. Then let’s begin.” And he waits for me to start.

The words rise up out of my throat and I’m surprised at how the memories flood back. Each sound comes to me as though this incantation was imbedded in the depths of my memory, has shaken free from the cobwebs and flows off my lips with ease. “Bendígame, Padre, porque he pecado. Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. It has been three weeks since my last confession.”

Before I can continue, he breaks in and I can tell he wants to cut to the chase. “What are your sins, my child? Why did your mother presume you ill this morning?”

So I do my best to make haste. “Well, she walked into my room…and I…I was…well, my face…it was…all red and sweaty.”

“And what had left you in such a state?”

“Umm…well…I was…I mean, I had been…well, I was kinda touching myself.”

Some color has come into his face now and he’s getting agitated. “Where were you touching yourself? Tell me exactly where and how you were doing it,” he commands firmly.

“I…I was on my belly in my bed and I put my hand down there and”—I look up for a split second, long enough to know not to stop—“and I was rubbing my…my…mi cosita.” (My mother never did teach us the proper term for anything.)

“Tu cosita?” He tries to hide his amusement. “And why would you be rubbing down there? You know it’s a very naughty place that a young girl like you should never touch except to clean yourself, don’t you?”

“Sí, Padre…Es que…well, it just felt so good. Like it was… tingling. Like…I had to.” “Like you had to.”

It’s not even disguised as a question and I think he’s mocking me now. His face grows very grave and he shakes his head mournfully. “My child, I see now that this is much more serious than I had thought. We’re going to have to take some drastic measures to save your soul. You clearly have the devil inside you and we’re going to have to fill you with Christ. Now I need you to take off your panties.”


He cuts me off before I can get anywhere, his voice harsh, speaking more vehemently now. “This is not the time to question me, my child. Your soul is in danger. You have the devil inside you! Do you want to go to hell?” I shake my head nervously and realize that I’m trembling all over, yet I can’t do what he’s told me to do. “Come here.” He pulls me toward him brusquely and yanks my skirt up, gasping once he sees my choice in undergarments. “I can’t believe this! What type of little girl would be wearing such things? This is disgusting!” And he rips them off of me, pushing me back up against the desk. “Do you realize that you look like a whore, wearing this filth?” He shakes the panties in my face to make his point before sliding them into his pocket.

I look over and see him reaching for…what is that? And then a flash of recognition. He’s grabbed my decorative cross that normally hangs on the wall and is rolling a condom over the long end. “My child, we’re going to have to fill you with Christ…” Now this is really getting somewhere.

I try not to look excited as he catches my gaze, walking the few steps back around the desk. He plants each of his hands on either side of me, inching closer and closer, breath hot on my face, until I’m forced flat on my back against the desk without the slightest touch on his part. I’m slightly startled yet simultaneously delighted at where this is going and not wanting it to show. He stares intimidatingly into my eyes with such intensity that suddenly I’m back in the role—a scared little girl, shaking ever so slightly, nervous about what’s to come. “Please, Padre, please don’t…”

“I’m sorry, my dear, I see no other way. We will fill you with the love of Christ and drive the devil out of you.”
“I’m scared…”

“Don’t worry, sweet child, it will only hurt for a little while…” he tries to reassure me as he’s spreading my legs. I feel the chill of the instrument sliding up my thigh and a shiver ripples to my core. “You must take this like a good girl. I know you can…” And he’s pressing the tip against my opening, undeniably wet from all that had come before. The cross slides in without the slightest resistance, but I don’t want to make this quite so easy.
“No, no, no, please don’t…Nooo! You’re hurting me!” He continues despite my protests, going deeper and deeper unrelentingly. I can tell this is almost too much for him and it’s taking everything in him not to shove it hard and fast.

“Hush now, mi cielita. We must drive out the devil. I can tell he has a strong hold on you.” And he begins to pump the cross in and out of me with greater force.

I’m so there, I start to shout out, “No! Stop! It hurts so bad! Please stop! Pleeease…” And with each of my protests, his fucking gets more and more vigorous. He’s thrusting in and out of me aggressively, each of my shouts fodder for him to give it to me harder.

“Can you feel it? Can you feel the Holy Spirit washing over you?” A bead of sweat drips from his forehead onto my thigh and it rolls down joining my dripping wetness.

“Ay, Padre! Ay-­‐ay-­‐I don’t know…I feel…something…” I can barely get a single word out now.

“That’s good, sweet girl, the Holy Spirit is going to enter and fill you, rush over you completely and wash away all your sins. Don’t resist it.”

“O-­‐okay, Father. I’ll do whatever you say.”

“Yes, mi angelita, that’s veeery good. You do just as I say. You’re taking it so…fucking…well…” He’s slamming into me with each word as punctuation.

I’m so worked up I hardly even notice that he’s let profanity slip out in the heat of his passion. It’s only seconds before I feel my orgasm mounting. “Padre, I-­‐I…I feel like I’m going to… explode!”

“Very good, my child, don’t resist it. Take it all. Let the Holy Spirit consume you.” And with his final command I’m coming so fucking hard, shaking to the point of practically falling off the desk. But he collapses on top of me, trapping me there, preventing me from going anywhere. We breathe hard in unison for a few beatsbefore I feel him shifting a bit, propping himself up a bit on his elbow. “That…that was…very, very good…” He pushes a few strands of my hair back off my forehead as he starts to jack himself off with his other hand. “Now I have to finish me off…” The whole scene has gotten him so excited that he too is coming hard, in just a matter of seconds, feeling only slightly guilty for taking advantage of such a sweet, young girl. He collapses on me again, his weight pinning me against the desk and we lie there for a moment, coming down from the high.

Suddenly she looks up at me with a wicked grin, kisses me on the forehead and says, “Next Sunday we’ll further discuss your acts of contrition.”

“Gracias, Padre.”


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